About Peavy Baseball and FBA

High Tech Coaching

Coach PeavyCoach Preston Peavy has been a lifelong baseball fanatic and high tech baseball Coach since the 1970's.

Utilizing advanced computer skills, Coach Peavy has pioneered affordable high speed computerized motion analysis techniques and systems, which have allowed him to develop his patented Step by Step Teaching System to be effective for teaching pro techniques to athletes at all ages and skill levels.

Coach Peavy is Internationally known for designing and building High Tech Baseball Training Systems at PeavyBaseball.com having designed complete training systems for USA and International Markets such as South Korea and Japan and more.

Coach Peavy was selected by author Jane Leavy and Harper CollinsMantle Book to produce the full kinematic baseball hitting analysis of Mickey Mantle from both sides of the plate for the NY Times Best Seller "The Last Boy-Mickey Mantle and the End of America's Childhood".

You can learn more about the book at Jane Leavy's website. If you purchase the book, you can join Coach Peavy's team training website for free and view the full motion analysis video's of Mantle's swing HERE.

You can train one on one with Coach Peavy HERE.