Frequently Asked Questions

HoJoFree Baseball Academy is YOUR source for high level baseball training.

We want everyone to feel free to contribute in ideas to make this worldwide source for baseball training even better in the years to come. We would gladly like to hear your ideas for additional content. Just email Coach Peavy with your ideas or concepts.

 And feel free to email us if you would like other questions answered in FAQ's.

Is Membership Really Free?

Bent BatAbsolutely Free. We give all Free Members access to high level teaching videos which are always being added to.

All you have to do in return is agree to occasionally receive emails from Free Baseball Academy where we will tell you about some of the terrific Sponsors who support Online Baseball Academy and who make high level baseball training available to the world for free.

All of our Sponsors and Advertisers at Free Baseball Academy are quality operations who believe in giving back to the community through baseball.

Can I Contribute Lessons to Free Baseball Academy?

Coach PeavyAbsolutely.....

Simply email Coach Peavy with your idea for a training lesson and we will seriously consider it for inclusion in our online lessons.

Can My Business Advertise on Free Baseball Academy?

Email Coach Peavy and find out how your business can qualify to be a paid Sponsor or Advertiser on Free Baseball Academy and help support the baseball community all over the world!