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Free Baseball Academy was founded on a simple premise......to teach the entire world high level baseball through our Free Member Video Library section.......and to help everyone find the best pro coaching, instruction and training tools available in baseball while "Teaching Life on Life's Terms Through Baseball" with our Premium Services.

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Make a Difference in Your Athlete's Life

HoJo TeachnigThe Free Baseball Academy will offer and continue to build a full library of baseball training videos utilizing Coach Peavy's Step by Step Training Program, to work WITH League and School Programs  at all levels to help teach athletes and families "How to Deal with Life on Life's Terms Through Baseball" via consistent, high level baseball instruction and our "Make a Difference Program".

Showcase Instructional Teams-The Better Way

Coach Peavy created the Free Baseball Academy to support the first Showcase Instructional League designed to teach consistent high level baseball to everyone, with a major emphasis placed on high level instruction with a consistent teaching program to learn to play the high school, college and pro game at the highest levels.

We work WITH all High Schools, Colleges and Leagues to improve their programs and level of play. To learn more about our Teams and to Join, Click Here

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