Player Showcase

CHAMPS, Coach Preston Peavy, PV Baseball and Coach Howard Johnson will feature prospective College Athletes on this page.

Help All Athletes Find a College Match

  1. Anyone may access and view the Showcase Players anytime.
    • Please tell everyone you know including your alma mater about these athletes.
  2. College Coaches may join HoJo PV Baseball and the Free Baseball Academy at no charge to view athletes.
    • College Coaches who are interested in specific athletes may contact Coach Peavy at 404-954-2281 or by email HERE.
  3. Call Coach Peavy at 404-954-2281 or email Coach Peavy HERE about signing your athlete up for our College Baseball Player Placement Assistance Services to help find your athlete a suitable school to play ball.
    • CHAMPS and Mark Gleason will contact you to sign you up and get to work helping your athlete play college ball.

Athlete's by State:

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