High Speed Computerized Video
Baseball Motion Analysis
Indoors or Outdoors

NOT Inferior Camcorder Video with Vanity Software!
REAL 200 Frames per Second Digital High Speed Video with a Professional Baseball Motion Analysis Service by Coach Preston Peavy. Endorsed by HoJo!

Motion Analysis SystemCome train in Atlanta with Coach Preston Peavy and have a Professional High Speed Motion Analysis with Kinetics performed of your hitter, pitcher or catcher along with a full baseball analysis, to improve in record time.

Receive only the best. Coach Peavy has created what is known as a Timeline Training System, which consists of a Computerized Video Pitching Machine, Force Plate Feedback System and a Computerized High Speed Video Motion Analysis System all wrapped together.

We also feature a COMPLETE Training Program to take you Step by Step to a Pro Swing as well as a follow-up training system and drills for the rest of your career.

Coach Peavy and Staff can also be contracted to perform our Mobile High Speed Motion Analysis Services for your Team, League or Tournaments.

Recommended for Advanced Athletes.
Go to http://www.peavynet.com/videoprosystem.htm to Find Out More!

    Hitting Kinetics Pro Hitter High Speed Studio

The Most Effective Instructional Tool in Baseball!